Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gift Card Magic

The best way to save money on items is to buy them on sale and use a coupon. The deal is even sweeter when the store offers you gift cards when you make a purchase.

This week, Target is offering gift cards when you make certain purchases.

For my business, I use HP ink. I'm not running low on ink, but I know I'll get the best deal when I buy on sale.

This deal was buy two HP inks, get a $10 gift card, and the ink was on sale!

$32.48 for the ink + a $10 gift card!
We have needed to replace our Brita filter for a while, but I never want to spend the money on the refills. The deal was buy a Brita replacement filter, receive a $5 gift card. I had a coupon, so I also took $1 off the price of the filter. 
$27.69 retail purchased for $26.69 + free $5 Gift Card.

Next deal, Gillette razors.

I would have preferred to buy the cartridges instead of the razors, but the cartridges are really expensive and I had great coupons for the razors. The deal: Buy 2 razors at $8.99 each, receive a $5 gift card (and as a bonus, there is an extra cartridge in each razor package)!

I had two $4-off coupons that I was able to use for the razors. So, I bought two razors at $8.99 each, minus the two $4-off coupons, making each razor only $4.99 each. Plus, I received a $5 gift card, making one of the razors free.

$17.98 retail purchased for $9.98 + a free $5 Gift Card.

I do love air fresheners, and when you can get a free warming unit with purchase, the deal is even sweeter. Each 2-pack refill was on sale for $4.54 and I had coupons for both, plus a coupon for the free warming unit.

$10.02 retail purchased for $7.08!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Mall vs the Wal-Mart

I've been on a mission for socks for Jedidiah. We bought socks at Wal-Mart that are too big for him, but he's been wearing them anyway. This grates on me.

I have priced socks - ankle socks - at Target, The Children's Place, Old Navy, GAP, and Wal-Mart. The socks Wal-Mart had were not really what I wanted, but they were priced 6 for $6.50. Not bad.  $1.08 a pair. 

I like my boys' socks to all be the same so I don't have to go crazy matching them! 

I remembered that The Children's Place (my new favorite place to buy clothes for my little guys) had a sale: 10 pairs of socks for $10.  That's a savings of $.08 per pair of socks. Worth it? 

It was when I matched their sale with their 15% off entire purchase coupon. Get yours here. Exp. 9/1.

Paid $26.34 for $45.99 worth of clothes!
I was able to buy 10 pairs of socks for Jedidiah, cleaning them out of the 12-24 month size in all white in the process. With my 15% off coupon, all the socks, normally $2.50 each, came to $.85 a pair. 

Wal-Mart price:  $1.08 per pair.  
The Children's Place:  $.85 per pair. 
Saved almost a quarter per pair of socks!

I also picked up another outfit for Jedidiah and a shirt for Jeremy. In all, my bill went from $45.99 to $26.34!!!!  I'm going back to get socks for Jeremy, too! (They even have the size on the socks so you can easily sort them. What a time-saver for me!)

My next stop was Bath & Body Works. They sent me two great coupons in the mail, so I had to use them! I got a free travel-sized body mist (perfect for sticking in my purse) and 20% off my entire order, including the sale items. 

The sale items happened to be 7 hand soaps for $20, or $2.86 each (normally $5 each).  Take an additional 20% off and you have a very happy customer. I purchased a car freshener (not pictured) as well.
Purchased $45 worth of product for $21.40!!!
I stopped at the wonderful Victoria's Secret to get my free panty (retail $8.50) and left the mall feeling very happy. 

My savings today was over $51!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Welcome to the new Mommy Mayhem site!!!

Thanks to Jill Lancour for designing and instructing me on how to use blogger, better. :)

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