Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning Plan and Personal Goal Chart

Spring is almost upon us . . . can't you hear the birds warming their voices for their sweet Spring songs?

Along with snow melting (ha!) and leaves and flowers budding and blossoming comes Spring Cleaning. No longer do these words instill dread in our hearts! I finally have a system to keep my house in spic-and-span shape year-round, thanks to  It's an incredible site that I could spend hours poring over. You can find her post that gave me the idea here.

I took her idea and created our own family list of chores to be accomplished. I created mine in Pages, a program for the Mac. We started this last month and have been adding the jobs we forgot about. I think we have a full list now, but we'll see!


IHeartOrganizing had a great idea. Instead of laminating her chore sheet, she put it in a pretty frame and hung it. Dry Erase markers work wonderfully on glass, so we chose to do the same thing. Here is our list!

(Let me apologize for the way this appears on the blog, but I wanted the words to be as clear as possible and a smaller sized image was blurring them.)

You will notice that there are items listed that are "no-brainers." For example, on the Daily list, I have Make Lunches and Boys' Naps. I realized one day when I looked at our list that I didn't have much filled in (we color in the corresponding bubbles and Husband and I each have our own color).  

It appeared from the chore chart that I had not done much, but I hadn't sat down all day! Thus, the "no-brainer" items appeared on the list so I felt a sense of accomplishment, which is the purpose of the chart, after all!

I also decided I needed a list for just me. A personal list to hang in my room in a super-pretty frame. *wink*  

I added the "no-brainers" to this list, as well, not to remind myself to brush my teeth, but so at the end of a long day of running after a pre-schooler, picking up after a toddler, caring for a two-month-old sweetie, and helping dear Husband, I could see that yes, I had taken care of myself that day. . . even if it meant I was able to slip away for two minutes to brush my teeth.

You'll notice the salmon-colored heart and the black swooshes. Let me explain.

Last year, I received a photo Christmas card from friends of ours whom I think the world of. I was in our bedroom when I opened the letter and instead of adding it to the kitchen cabinets with the rest, I taped it on my vanity mirror where I could see it every day. 

I felt God telling me to pray for them daily, so every time I looked at their picture, which was often since it was on my mirror *smile* I would say a little prayer for them. They are unaware that I did this and I am continuing to pray for them, even though I think their picture "un-stuck" and fell behind my vanity!

This year, I felt the same "urge" with another Christmas card I opened and although their photo card is still on my kitchen cabinets, it will be moved to the bedroom soon. Thus, the heart is hiding the names of the two families that I feel led to pray for.

The "black swooshes" are hiding the names of my family and doctors. No story there!

I hope the organizational charts are helpful! Happy cleaning!


  1. Your blog looks very nice. I love the look -- and your tagline! Miss you*

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this!!!! LOVE THIS, LOVE THIS! Could you make one for me?!!! haha

  3. Great Bethany. Love the idea of the frame.

  4. I LOVE it Bethany, especially the tip to put it behind glass. I need to make mine but cant seem to make it pretty and that bothers me. I can't help but notice that you don't need to eat lunch or dinner ;)

  5. you should put this up in my spot on Being True!

  6. HAHA! I do need to eat! I used images from Google to pretty it up and in Pages, I used boxes and color filled them, then used white boxes to place my text.

    If you want to use this post, feel free! Your Being True post can say "See organizational tip here." :)

    Oh Mandy, . . . I'm sure if anyone can make theirs pretty, it's you. You'll probably have your scrapbooking stuff out making it look AWESOME!

  7. Lovely! We need to get together...I could use your help on my blog. Your post was wonderful! Thank you, for sharing!